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    At last John Dolittle,🙉 who for his size,🎊 was a very powerful wrestler,🎊 got the pearl fisherman in a grip of iron where he couldn't move at all. But just as the Doctor was forcing the pistol out of his enemy's hand,◽ one of the other men,📱 who had been aroused by the noise of the fight,🙌 woke up. And,🔭 leaning out of his bunk from behind the Doctor's back,🐢 he hit him a tremendous blow on the head with a bottle. Stunned and senseless,📲 John Dolittle fell over in a heap and lay still upon the floor.

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    "I only have wild goats' milk,📂" said John Dolittle. "But it's quite fresh."

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    "'The sailors were ready to kill their admiral'"

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    In a very short time the ship presented a curious and extraordinary sight,⛲ with the mud nests stuck all over her and birds flying in thousands round her masts,🏄 coming and going,🐶 building homes and feeding young ones.

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    And to Dab-Dab's horror,💸 the Doctor tore a clean piece off the farmer's letter,🎓 scribbled a reply,💐 wrapped the pearl up in it and handed it to the swallow.

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