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    But it was of little use to try to get more sleep now. The camp was astir. John Dolittle,📤 bent on the one idea of hearing that story,🏄 had already swung himself out of his hammock and was now washing his face noisily in the lake. Cheapside shook his feathers,🎩 swore a few words in Cockney and flew off his tree down to the Doctor's side.

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    "Oh,🌷 yes,📞" said John Dolittle. "All in good time,🐝 Dab-Dab."

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    "What monkey business have you done to my pearl fisheries,🏊 you white-faced villain?"

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    At last poor Dab-Dab,🆚 fully awakened,🌟 understood what was the matter. And in a moment she was up and doing.

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    "The old rat laughed a cracked and quavering laugh,🐩 with no joy in it at all.

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